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About Us

Your local marketing partner in Saskatchewan. At SaskIT, we offer more than just an understanding of the local market-we bring proven experience, deep knowledge, and a solid track record of success. Let our success stories speak for themselves as we help you navigate the unique challenges of Digital marketing in Saskatchewan.

Your customers are online-make sure they can find you. Expand your market share and elevate your online presence with our affordable, comprehensive digital marketing solutions. We specialize in creating remarkable digital experiences that highlight your products and services, drawing more attention to your brand. With a team of seasoned experts, we take care of the technical details, freeing you up to focus on what you do best: running your business. Partner with us and watch your online presence grow, effortlessly.

Benefits of Designing

You can expect several benefits that can positively impact your brand, projects, or communication strategies. Here are some key benefits:


Graphic designers bring a level of professionalism to your visual identity, ensuring that your brand is represented with a polished and cohesive look.

Planning and Analysis:

This initial stage involves understanding the website’s purpose, defining its target audience, and determining the project’s scope. Key activities include gathering requirements, creating a project plan, and setting timelines. Stakeholders and goals are identified and often documented in a project brief.

Content Creation:

Concurrently with design, content creation involves writing and compiling all textual, visual, and multimedia content. Content must be tailored to the audience and optimized for search engines (SEO) to improve the site’s visibility and reach.


In this technical phase, developers convert the design into a functioning website. This includes front-end development (the part of the website users interact with) and back-end development (server-side functions). Technologies involved might include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, programming frameworks and content management systems.

UX/UI Design:

The design phase focuses on the website’s look and feel. This includes creating wireframes, which are basic layouts of the web pages, and mock-ups, which are detailed designs of each page. Design considerations often include usability, accessibility, and an overall aesthetic that aligns with the brand identity.


Before going live, the website undergoes rigorous testing to identify bugs or usability issues. This includes functionality testing, performance testing, security assessments, and mobile responsiveness checks. The goal is to ensure the website operates smoothly and securely on all platforms and devices.


After testing and final approval, the website is ready to go live. This stage may involve setting up a web server, registering a domain, and finalizing configurations. Monitoring the website immediately after launch is essential to address any issues users might encounter.

Maintenance and Updates:

Post-launch, websites need regular updates and maintenance to stay relevant and function properly. This includes updating content, fixing bugs, applying security patches, and making improvements based on user feedback.


Regularly evaluating the website’s performance against its goals can help identify new needs and areas for enhancement. Tools like Google Analytics can be used to track visitor behaviour and the effectiveness of the content.

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Mitchell Webber
Mitchell Webber
I hate to say it, but honestly not sure about this Business.
Mary Peters
Mary Peters
Excellent service! Syful is very knowledgeable in all aspects of computer setup and applications. He is most helpful and I highly recommend their services.
Millie Beaudry
Millie Beaudry
Got great service
Adeola Aliu
Adeola Aliu
Excellent service! And proficient knowledge of computer system. I will recommend their services
Great customer service! Very helpful. Highly recommended!
Fuad Arefin
Fuad Arefin
I was looking for an urgent service and thanks to SaskIT for providing us an immediate solution with affordable cost. Syful is a great guy and I really recommend SaskIT
Rachel Macairan
Rachel Macairan
Syful is a good friend of mine. He is very helpful especially in setting up my computer. He is efficient on his work and displays professionalism. I will recommend him to my friends whenever there is troubleshooting needed on their computers.


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